Visions Of Serenity Paint By Number Canvas Kit
Visions Of Serenity Paint By Number Canvas Kit
Visions Of Serenity Paint By Number Canvas Kit

Visions Of Serenity Paint By Number Canvas Kit

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The "Visions of Serenity" diamond painting collection offers a picturesque escape into diverse landscapes, from the tranquility of night skies to the vibrant life of garden blooms. Craft enthusiasts will find solace and satisfaction in bringing these images to life with sparkling precision.


  • Size: Each painting in this six-pack measures 12 by 16 inches, ideal for prominent display.
  • Material: The kit provides a durable canvas and high-grade resin rhinestones, ensuring lasting brilliance.
  • Intended Age Range: Designed for adults, this set is also accessible to young artists aged 12 and up, perfect for family crafting.
  • Special Features: Full drill coverage ensures an immersive, glistening finish that fully captures the artwork's essence.
  • Technical Specifications: Each kit comes complete with all necessary tools for application, ensuring a seamless crafting experience.
  • Shape: The rectangular shape of each canvas is classic, making it suitable for traditional framing.
  • Pattern: This collection includes a variety of nature-inspired designs, inviting a soothing atmosphere into any room.
  • Texture: Finished pieces boast a tactile, multi-dimensional surface due to the full rhinestone coverage.
  • Design: Artwork features include twilight vistas, peaceful garden settings, and dreamy sky scenes, each inviting a unique, creative journey.

This collection, "Visions of Serenity," not only serves as an artistic endeavor but also a pathway to a calm and contemplative state. Completing each piece promises a dual reward; the process is a peaceful pastime, and the outcome is a set of stunning visuals that cast a tranquil ambiance over their surroundings.